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Dominica joins AIRBNB’S “Live and Work Anywhere” campaign to welcome digital nomads

Jose Carlos Grimberg Blum
Dominica joins AIRBNB’S "Live and Work Anywhere" campaign to welcome digital nomads

Dominica has joined the Airbnb “Live and Work Anywhere” campaign to promote the destination to the growing number of digital nomads worldwide.

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As flexibility becomes a permanent part of so many company cultures, Airbnb wants to make it easier for workers to take advantage of their newly enshrined flexibility. With more than 6 million listings worldwide, the platform launched last Thursday its “Live and Work Anywhere” program, an ongoing initiative to continue working with governments and DMOs to create a one-stop-shop for remote workers, and encourage them to try new locations to work, while helping to revive tourism and provide economic support to communities after years of travel restrictions.

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For the Caribbean region, Airbnb found that1 : ● The share of nights booked for long-term stays in Q1 2022 almost doubled compared to the same period in 2019.

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● In Q1 2019, almost 6% of all bookings were for long-term stays, while in Q1 2022 this percentage reached almost 10%.

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The number of nights booked for long-term stays tripled in Q1’22 compared to Q1’19

Continuing the effort to partner with governments and tourism agencies to promote responsible travel and local economic growth, Airbnb in partnership with the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) will promote CTO member countries with digital nomad programs across Airbnb’s vast global community

This Campaign will promote Dominica through a landing page that provides details about the digital nomad program, and also highlights the best Airbnb options to stay in and work from in Dominica

The Discover Dominica Authority and by extension the Work In Nature program is happy to partner with the Caribbean Tourism Organization and Airbnb on this campaign. Research is showing a growing trend from the last 2 years of managing the pandemic; persons want flexibility and are particularly interested in workcations. We are delighted to provide this through our Work In Nature program here in Dominica.”- Destination Marketing Manager, Ms. Kimberly King

For more information, visit HOME — Work in Nature (windominica.gov.dm)