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Guyana’s Travel Agents Complain Fly Jamaica Yet To Refund Customers

Guyana's Travel Agents Complain Fly Jamaica Yet To Refund Customers

Travel agents in Guyana are upset that two years after Fly Jamaica pulled out of the market and filed for bankruptcy, it is yet to refund its customers.    The travel agents complained that although millions are owed in refunds, Fly Jamaica has not been able to honour repeated promises to process the refunds.   The agents raised the matter on Monday at a meeting called by Guyana‘s Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill, following numerous complaints, including their failure to refund passengers.   The discussion quickly evolved into one that saw the travel agents lodging complaints with the minister and the Director-General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Egbert Field, about the failure of airlines to process cash refunds.   The travel agents sought the government’s intervention to help against daily abuses from customers who remain affected.   It was revealed that a travel agency Frandec owes passengers more than $1 million in refunds directly linked to Fly Jamaica.    In some cases, the agency rebooked passengers in anticipation of a promised refund that never came.   One of the travel agents asked the Public Works Minister to commit the government’s urgent attention to the issue and, if possible, to utilise bonds to fast-track the refunds.    The GCAA Director-General said he has written to the authorities in Jamaica and outlined the matter.   Mr. Field said he was told that Fly Jamaica is in receivership and there are several individuals still awaiting payment.

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