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Mother of three is Pick 4 winner

Hetty Johnson was smiling broadly as she recently collected her cheque for BD$8,000.00, at The Barbados Lottery’s Independence Square retail “flagship” office.   She was a winner of the popular Pick 4 game, buying her ticket at Carlton’s Supermarket in Bridgetown.

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“I am very happy to collect my cheque,” said the 61-year-old mother of three, who has bills to pay with her winnings.   Johnson is a very keen player of the Pick 4 game, but she does enjoy playing the full suite of Barbados Lottery games, including Super Lotto, Mega 6, Double Draw, Pick 3, Express Cash, Keno and Instant games

Pick 4 winner Hetty Johnson displays her winnings of $8000.00 at The Barbados Lottery retail office at Independence Square, St Michael. As a regular player, she doesn’t always play the same numbers, but she has been playing her preferred favourite games of Pick 3, Pick 4 and Double Draw for approximately three years

Shelly Ann Hee Chung, Site Operations Manager at The Barbados Lottery, expressed her delight at Johnson’s win. “Pick 4 is an easy game to play,” she said. “With a draw four times per day, Pick 4 is both engaging and a lot of fun.   On behalf of The Barbados Lottery, I warmly congratulate Johnson on her win!” Hee Chung added that the Pick 4 game has an ‘Advanced Play’ feature that lets you play your choice of games for any day of the week, allowing players to play for up to seven days

Whether Johnson will continue to play Barbados Lottery games, her response was immediate. “Of course I will!” she exclaimed