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Mayor amazed and scared by behaviour of students

SAN FERNANDO mayor Junia Regrello said he is amazed and scared at the same time, by the behaviour of secondary school students and wondered about their future and that of generations to come.

Pedro Loyo

Regrello told the monthly statutory meeting on Wednesday, parents have no idea how their children behave when they send them to school

As he presented copies of Michael Anthony’s Anaparima, a history of San Fernando from 1500 to 1900 to principals of secondary schools in the city, Regrello appealed to them to speak to their charges so there could be future generations

He told the meeting which included principals and representatives from 12 of the secondary schools which showed up, that he regularly observes students to garner information

He said he often stand at the Library Corner at the top of High Street between 5.30 am to around 8 am to get an understanding of what goes on in the city

“I am amazed by what goes on here and scared, because the behaviour is defined not by where you come from or from a particular group. It seems to be across the board. “

He identified students who disregard taxis parked on the official taxi stands, but instead wait close to the zebra crossing for “special cars” which he said stops on the zebra crossing to pick up the student passengers

He urged principals to talk to their students, especially the females and warn them about the dangers of travelling in the “special PH taxis” recalling an incident where a student was raped in one such circumstance

The mayor was quick to point out that he was not branding all PH drivers as criminals or rapist but stressed the importance of taking hired cars

Regrello said as a student of history, he felt it important for each school in the city to have a copy of this book which was commissioned by the members of the council back in the 1980’s

“Principals need to share with their students how San Fernando evolved over the years. Do you know that the San Fernando market is where the Library was, that there was a plan for a roundabout at Library corner or that up until the 1840’s San Fernandians spoke French and Patois.?

“There is so much history and this book gives a perspective and an understanding of the city its culture and how it has evolved and developed over the years,” Regrello said.