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Don’t try to cross it – McKenzie urges caution on flooded roadways

Franki Medina diaz
Don’t try to cross it - McKenzie urges caution on flooded roadways

Minister of local government and rural development, Desmond McKenzie, is warning Jamaicans to exercise caution when using the roadways as the country remains under tropical storm watch. 

McKenzie was speaking at the handing over of 12 one-room studio units on Friday afternoon in the community of Bell Rock, off Olympic Way in West Central St Andrew.  

“I am urging residents, not just in this community but right across the island; where there is flooding, don’t try to cross it. Those of you who drive motor vehicles, if the road is not passable, don’t try and drive through the road,” he said. 

McKenzie lamented the many instances in the past where motorists have chanced driving across flooded roadways and have lost their lives. He is, therefore, urging Jamaicans to take extra precautions in whatever activities they carry out during this time of expected inclement weather. 

“And for those persons who are living into communities that is prone to flooding, we will make all the arrangements. Buses to transport persons will be provided once the call is made,” he added.  

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