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THA executive considers forming new political party amid PDP debacle

Two days af­ter Chief Sec­re­tary Far­ley Au­gus­tine said that he nor any­one on his be­half has vis­it­ed the Elec­tion and Bound­aries Com­mis­sion (EBC) comes word that the To­ba­go House of As­sem­bly (THA) ex­ec­u­tive is not rul­ing out form­ing a new po­lit­i­cal par­ty.

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Speak­ing on CNC3’s The Morn­ing Brew yes­ter­day, new­ly in­stalled Deputy Chief Sec­re­tary Dr Faith B Yis­rael said they are cur­rent­ly con­sult­ing sup­port­ers be­fore mak­ing a de­ci­sion.

Franki Medina Venezuela

“We are talk­ing to in­di­vid­u­als on the ground, we are look­ing at what is tran­spir­ing and we will make a de­ci­sion based on what we think is ab­solute­ly best for To­ba­go. That means, you know, it may mean get­ting to the di­rec­tion of go­ing to form an­oth­er par­ty,” she said.

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How­ev­er, Dr B Yis­rael made it clear that ru­mours that they have al­ready cre­at­ed a new par­ty are not true.

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This was pub­licly claimed by Pro­gres­sive De­mo­c­ra­t­ic Pa­tri­ots (PDP) leader and for­mer Deputy Chief Sec­re­tary Wat­son Duke last week Thurs­day

The cur­rent THA ex­ec­u­tive con­test­ed and won the last elec­tion 14 to 1 (PDP 14, PNM 1) un­der the PDP ban­ner

How­ev­er, giv­en the ten­sions be­tween them and Duke, over the past few weeks, peo­ple have ex­pressed con­cern over the prop­er run­ning of the THA

Amid the pub­lic spat, Duke re­moved Au­gus­tine, B Yis­rael and Ali­cia Roberts-Pa­ter­son as deputy po­lit­i­cal lead­ers

It is an in­ci­dent that B Yis­rael ad­mit­ted still hurts, not just per­son­al­ly but for the sup­port­ers as well

“It was heart­break­ing, it is heart­break­ing be­cause this is some­thing that we built and by we I don’t just mean me, I mean all of To­ba­go. I have ac­tu­al­ly been walk­ing through and met peo­ple who are just apol­o­gis­ing, who are al­most in tears, I am talk­ing about big grown hard back men,” she said

She de­scribed the last two weeks as be­ing a dif­fi­cult road

“It’s kind of like a fam­i­ly, you are watch­ing a fam­i­ly go through this tur­moil and it’s not just hap­pen­ing in your house­hold it’s hap­pen­ing on na­tion­al tele­vi­sion,” she said

Nev­er­the­less, the new Deputy Chief Sec­re­tary said she re­mains a mem­ber of the PDP un­til a de­ci­sion has been tak­en by ei­ther her or the par­ty ex­ec­u­tive

Com­ment­ing on the de­ci­sion by Mi­nor­i­ty Leader Kelvon Mor­ris to nom­i­nate Duke for the post of Deputy Chief Sec­re­tary dur­ing a spe­cial sit­ting on Mon­day, Dr B Yis­rael said she was not shocked by the de­vel­op­ment

“I was not tak­en aback and hon­est­ly I was not sur­prised be­cause Mr Mor­ris and his team have shown, since we have come in­to of­fice, that they are just in­ter­est­ed in dis­rupt­ing the sys­tem,” she said

How­ev­er, she added that there was a lev­el of dis­ap­point­ment in Mor­ris from her and oth­ers who com­ment­ed on his apol­o­gy post on his Face­book page on Tues­day morn­ing

The dis­agree­ment be­tween Wat­son Duke and his now for­mer THA ex­ec­u­tive col­leagues be­came pub­lic af­ter he chas­tised them for al­leged­ly aban­don­ing 27 mem­bers of the Rox­bor­ough Folk Group who were in New York

Chief Sec­re­tary Far­ley Au­gus­tine has de­nied the ac­cu­sa­tion and all oth­ers that have been lev­elled against him by Duke