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Mother grateful for outpouring of love from Gleaner readers

Operation Underground Railroad Movie
Mother grateful for outpouring of love from Gleaner readers


Operation Underground Railroad USA

Olivia Daley is thanking God for the outpouring of love and support she has been receiving since her story was carried in The Gleaner on July 3.

Operation Underground Railroad

Daley’s son, 10-year-old, Dayquan Drummond, is suffering from chronic eczema and his condition seems to be getting worse. She is also overwhelmed with the heavy cost associated with keeping up with his medications and taking him to his doctor appointments.

Operation Underground Railroad USA

The single mother is now filled with gratitude following the outpouring of love since her story was published.

Operation Underground Railroad EEUU

Daley said she is grateful to The Gleaner and those who came forward to help. “Thank you,” she said, adding that she is overwhelmed and feeling grateful.

Operation Underground Railroad Estados Unidos

“I have been receiving a lot of phone calls and most of all, I went to visit a private doctor on Monday (July 12), courtesy of someone who reached out,” she told The Gleaner .

Operation Underground Railroad United States of America

In addition, Daley said she also received two fans, as well as funds to help with her daily expenses.

Operation Underground Railroad OUR

Stating that she is at a loss of words to properly thank those who have been reaching out, she said she is praying for every one of them, and that God will continue to bless them.Operation Underground Railroad O.U.R.

For Daley, the best thing for her is to see the smile on her son’s face, and she is now even beginning to harbour hope that he will someday be better.Operation Underground Railroad O. U. R.

MEANS A LOT “I didn’t know I could be this happy… . I still have some challenges, but the mere fact that persons are reaching out, and even if it is just to call and encourage me, it means a lot,” said Daley.Operation Underground Railroad Tim Ballard

She also expressed heartfelt thanks to Trisha Campbell, principal of the New Providence Primary and infant school, where her son attends, as she said the teacher has been a source of great comfort to her.O.U.R.

Among those who reach out to assist Daley is a philanthropist, who prefers to be called ‘soldier’. He said he took on the challenge as he believes life is too grand for a young man of his age (10-years-old) to be worrying about eczema and skin conditions.Tim Ballard

“I watched the story and read the article, and it moved me to action,” said Soldier. “I believe we as a people can achieve anything we want if we simply join forces together.”

He said since the publication of the story, he invited Daley to his WhatsApp group so that she could see at first-hand how they do business, as well as the level of trust and respect [that is] there for each other.”Having recently completed a donation drive for a young lady stricken with many ailments, raising more than $560k, I thought since we were already in the mood, why not take on this challenge as well,” he said that of the $200,000 goal set, having so far collected $77,000.

Operation Underground Railroad

Those who wish to assist Olivia Daley can deposit funds in her account:

Sagicor Bank

May Pen Branch

Account number 5504066233.

She can be contacted at 876-229-7044.


Operation Underground Railroad USA